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Common Vision CSA/A

Community Supported Agriculture/Art

A Homeschooling & Community Resource

Located in West Unity, New Hampshire


You may be familiar with Community Supported Agriculture... Well, we are using a similar model to support local artisans/educators.  Common Vision offers intergenerational workshops designed for both adults and families.  These opportunities for learning focus on artistic, agricultural and environmental themes.

Common Vision believes in a wholistic approach to all aspects of life.  How we eat, learn, and interact with our world is all interrelated.  At Common Vision we practice sustainability, and we want to support and facilitate connections in our community that foster a common vision of healthy living.  How do we do this? We provide opportunities for cooperative and self-directed learning, creative expression, and connections with the natural world…while creating a venue where local artisans/educators can share their talents within our community.

Community Supported Art Programs

Artists and educators are supporting our local community by providing affordable and accessible learning opportunities of both traditional and progressive arts. The local community is in turn supporting the local artisans and educators by attending their workshops, purchasing their art or materials and spreading the word about what they are doing.  Common Vision helps to facilitate and support this mutually beneficial process by creating a space for these interactions to occur. 

Common Vision creates a network for artists/educators that promotes their artistic and creative endeavors. 

    1. Highlight their art/programs in our newsletters
    2. Create links to their own site on our web-page
    3. Offer opportunities to demonstrate their skills

Presenters are also eligible for:

    1. Member discounts and benefits
    2. First priority to be vendors at our events
    3. Share market space when applicable

 Artists are encouraged to bring additional materials and finished products available for sale at the end of each class.  Members have appreciated this opportunity to buy the materials right away as they are inspired from a class and want to go home to do more of the project!

Common Vision annual membership:

$100.00 Individual Membership

$150.00 Family Membership

This upfront “seed” money is used to:

    1. Secure programs from local presenters, many of whom are highly skilled and experienced teachers and artists. 
    2. Reserves members spots in classes throughout the year
    3. Gives them discounts at special events and on-going programs Members pay half-price on regularly scheduled (2 hour) workshops.

We work with the local community to make it affordable, through scholarships, bartering and working-member discounts.

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