Common Vision...

To create cooperative learning opportunities, where local artisans and educators can share their talents within our community.  To create opportunities for the community to support local artisans and educators by having access to local art that is both beautiful and functional.  A sustainable relationship promoting sustainable living.

Presenter /Vendor Registration Form & Barter Agreement


Presenters: If you could send me a brief description and Bio/Business logo that I can post on the webpage that would be great.  Workshop/Program descriptions will be posted to the webpage for class registration.  If we have discussed a payment arrangement that is different than the straight Barter Options (See Below) please write that out as well.  (Ie if it is an on-going program that folks will need to pay a set fee for the duration of the class or if there is a materials fee).     

 There are a couple of options for how to charge for classes:  

1. Instructors can rent the space and charge their own fee for the class.  They are responsible for promoting the class ans registering.  Space (Base package)  is $25.00 for 2 hours , $50.00 for 1/2 day and $100.00 for a full day  Use of multiple buildings, trails, and catering have an additional fee. 

2. Common Vision pays the instructor an agreed upon fee/ barter option for the class offered- Common Vision will set the cost of the class price to account for the use of the space and promotion of the class.   This option gives CV more flexibility to barter with folks registering for the classes sliding scale.  

The current model is based on presenters offering a two- hour workshop.  (Event workshops are between 1-2 hours depending on instructor preference.) The monetary value that has been placed on this is $50.00 as the base line...we can discuss additional needs and further compensation/bartering on an individual basis. .  There are three different options for bartering compensation.  Presenters can choose which option would best suit them in exchange for presenting a workshop.   Keeping class costs affordable and accessible to the local community while supporting the presenters endeavors is the goal of this model.  

  1. Membership to the CSA.  Individual membership is $100.00 (Family membership is 150.00)

Membership entitles members to discounted classes, (2 hour workshops are $15.00 instead of $25.00- materials fees may still apply depending on the class.) Members receive discounts at events, such as the Funk N Pumpkin. Members also get priority pre- registration for upcoming classes and events. CSArt members are eligible for discounts on Agriculture CSA shares/specials.


2.    Promotion of your business/craft/trade for a year in a quarterly newsletter, on the CSA/A webpage and through social media.  This can include updates on what you are doing, i.e. Farmers markets, classes, PYO / farm specials, etc.  The webpage can also include a link to your own site where folks can contact you directly.  (You will be responsible to get me info you want promoted- upcoming events, product/price list, promos etc.)  


3 .    Reserved vending space at Common Vision (1 event - Either Spring or Fall)

Vend your wares/ promote your work and network with a like- minded community. Waive the Vending Commission Fee.

    1. If applicable- the ability to sell product/craft through other Common Vision connections for 1 year ( i.e.; In the studio or yurt, off the web page, at markets/ venues we attend, etc. )


Vendors:  We can fit about 6-8 craft vendors and 1-2 food vendors.  I would like to know what sort of space (size) would be ideal for you- do you have a tent/ez up, do you have or need tables, is power necessary (it is limited).  A brief description/bio/pics would also be great so I can include that on the webpage for folks to view when checking out info about the event.  

I am asking a 20% commission on sales from vendors in lieu of a set vendor fee- I feel that is a more appropriate arrangement based on my own vending experience!     


Presenter/ Vendor Registration Form

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