Mother Lover Spring Event 2018
Sunday, May 20th     

A Celebration of the Feminine… Mind, Body and Spirit!

Join us for a day full of learning, self-care and communal gathering! 

We will inspire our creative selves as we learn, eat, sing, dream, drum and dance together.

Activities & Classes:  

Mother Lover Schedule of Events:

•9-10 Yoga with Lori Fletcher 

•10-12 Massage with Tina Boardman 

•10-12 Herbal Preparations Billie Lambdin

•12-1 Catered Lunch by Common Vision CSA/Art 

•1-2 Rock Wrapping Class with Jim Pecora 

•2-4 Vision Boards with Sarah Lowe 

•4-6 The Mother Drum with Julie Corey 

•6pm Song Share with Charity Houghton 

•7pm Potluck Dinner 

* 8pm Celebration around the Fire!

Bring instruments, inspiration, songs, stories, food & drinks you would like to share!

9-10am Yoga with Lori Fletcher

Instructor: Lori Fletcher 

Yoga is a journey within… a discovery of the space where stillness abides. Through movement and breath and meditation we create an openness, an allowance, to what is.

Lori's Bio:
I practice and teach Hatha Yoga. I strive to find balance of mind, body and soul within each class through yoga poses or asanas, breath work or pranayama, chanting or mantra, symbolic gestures or mudras and meditation. I also incorporate Qigong and sound vibration. Yoga inspires me to live more mindfully and it is from this place that I teach.

I am a registered Yoga teacher and a member of the Yoga Alliance since 2017. I have been practicing yoga for more than 30 years. I received my 200 hour certification from Angie Follensbee-Hall of Jai Studios in Weathersfield, Vermont. I taught most recently at the Centro de Bellas Atres in Vieques, Puerto Rico donating my time to help those recovering from hurricane Maria. This will be my first time teaching in a Yurt and I am Excited!!!


10-12pm Massage with Tina Boardman

Treat yourself to a massage with Tina in the yurt! 

Sign-up between 10-12 

10-12pm Herbal Preparations

Sip some sun tea and soak in the warm Spring air.  We will gather and Spring herbs to create healing Spring tonics, cordials and teas. Share knowledge of herbal remedies and create some to take home. Spring is the time of the Liver cleansing . We will look to Dandelion, Ground Ivy, Burdock and Lemon Balm to support the Liver time.  I also have some dried herbs we can process and integrate into our concoctions!  Lavender, Rose, Chamomile, Chaga, Milk Thistle and Nettle.  Feel free to bring herbs to share!   I have Glycerite, some bees wax, oil and alcohol for making tinctures-  If you would like to bring extra alcohol, bees wax or oil to use and/or share we can create several different recipes!   

12-1pm Catered Lunch by Common Vision

1-2pm Discussion of the Sacred Feminine & Wire Wrapping with Jim Pecora 

A discussion on the rediscovery of the Sacred Feminine / Goddess in America below the fabric of modern day society / culture.
Wire wrapping: come to learn how to wire wrap or bring your treasures and have Crystal Rock Arts Artist Jim Pecora do it for you. 
Wrapping only: $12 each while you wait

Author& Edutainer* Jim Pecora is an amateur Geologist, rock enthusiast, Photographer, Mining Historian, Native American historian, Artist, Writer, & Lecturer.  Pecora has authored a dozen full length multimedia lectures. These, offered throughout New England, are based upon “Forgotten/Unknown History! Jim’s Passion springs from a lifetime of collected anecdotes, stories, published works and extensive field research. To many, both young & old, Jim is often known as “the NH Rock Guy” due to his love of all things “rock” in the Granite State of NH. One of Jim’s favorite quotes is:

Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are"

Jim will also have his rock art for sale or bring a favorite piece and he will wrap it while you wait for $12.00

2-4pm Vision Boards with Sara Lowe Bouchard 

Creating a vision board is one of the most powerful ways to manifest the life and emotions you want to create in your world. When you take the time to internally visualize what you want to manifest and then create an external representation of that which you will manifest it provides you with an excellent tool to support manifestation. Clarifying goals and dreams and supplying an energy that creates momentum towards the future you will have. 
Join me in an afternoon of visualizing and creating a vision board to hang in your home. I will share the vision board I made 7 years ago that still hangs on my wall and which has helped every single image I chose to be a reality in my current life.  

4-6pm Mother Drum with Julie Corey

Julie is passionate about the drum as a powerful and necessary tool for the weaving of harmonious communities on local, regional and global levels. 
She is the keeper of a 3ft Mother Drum, and often facilitates Ceremonial drumming and dance events. 

Julie will join us for the day offering Sacred drumming with the mother drum for the Mamas! Some women of power chants and sacred dance around the drum. (Bring your own drums-  and any extras to lend...and we can drum around the fire in the evening as well!)

Julie has been a professional Drum Circle Facilitator, Teacher, and Performing Musician since 1998.  She has shared her love of drumming with people of all ages and abilities, from pre-schools to Senior centers, college groups and cancer survivors. 

Julie is trained as a Remo Health Rhythms Facilitator, and is also one of a handful of women around the globe, endorsed as a Remo Drum Circle Facilitator. 
She has served on the Board of Directors of the International Drum Circle Facilitator’s Guild (DCFG.) 

Julie A. Corey
Drum Circle Facilitator
The Village Drum, LLC
Sunapee, NH

6pm Song Share with Charity 

Community Song Circle — A Monthly Gathering of Musical Souls

Bring your songs and tunes to share in this musical circle!
All voices and instruments welcome.
Share original music or music composed by others that’s been inspiring you. Each month, we will gather to share and listen deeply. When the mood strikes, singing/playing together might
arise as well. This is simply a place for all musical spirits to join and feel immersed in music each month. Where we go from there is a lovely mystery.

Charity will be offering this as an on-going gathering 1x a month starting in June! ( 1st Sunday of the month)

Potluck Dinner & Gather around the Fire

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