Intentions for the day ...

A celebration of earth mamas and mama earth- I want to highlight and celebrate the healers, the activists, the farmers, the families and the feminine rising.  I feel like there is a surge of strength rising up to hold space and reclaim what needs to honored- Social Equality, Environmental Stewardship and Social Justice.  I want the workshops and the vibe to represent healing ourselves so we are empowered, healing the earth so she thrives and celebrating with families and friends to make strong community connections.  Just taking the time to allow ourselves the space and freedom to do these things is important!



Keep Checking-In...More are being added /updated weekly!

**Some workshops require pre-registration**

Some workshops are open ended- Some have a specific time slot...

See descriptions below for more info.

If you want to be a part of opening ceremony- Please plan to be here by 9: 45

Healers will offer an "open-house " demo in the morning to answer questions- You can schedule an afternoon session with them if you like.

Pre-Registration is appreciated!!

It helps with planning the logistics of the day.  You can register on-line or by calling 603-558-4142

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Mother Lover Tickets

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Monsters and Hamsters:

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Opening Ceremony- 10 am

Please arrive by 9:45 if you would like to participate!

Earth Songs Circle


Jonah Ruh Roberts & Jenny wright

Singing is medicine for the heart and soul. Join us for some wonderful chants and rounds to ground, center and open our hearts for the day. Rattles, drums and your favorite earth songs are also welcome!
Circle will follow directly after opening ceremony and flow into the drum circle. 

Womb Wisdom

Time: 10:30-12

Held at a sacred space in the woods. 

Bring a mat to sit on and wear comfortable clothes!

Pre- Register early for this special workshop!


Spirit Keeper & High Priestess



WOMEN! Let us be called to circle with Mama Gaia, to awaken the creative and forgotten powers of the Feminine.  An evolutionary shift is taking place as we each step into our gifts. We are witnessing her Rise Up. 

- The question is...

How do we do this? Where do we receive our empowerment from? How do we share our gifts? How do we go beyond the Patriarchy and stand grounded in our power? How do we maintain the flow and keep our momentum?

Come hear, share and understand the Power each of us holds within her Sacred Temple!

Our Sacred Ceremony will teach us:

-A woman's center is her Womb-Heart, not her head.

-As a woman's center of gravity shifts to the Womb, she becomes centered, empowered, present and grounded.

-Learn that the Womb is the generator and keeper of Life, the source of full feminine expression.


-We will walk into the spiral of the Womb through meditation. Honoring the Sacred Temple through our voices!

These teachings are Ancient, powerful and connected to the primordial. The Womb's voice is wise. And it is only through this wisdom that we can learn to rise in our power beyond the Patriarchy and share our individual gifts. In this way, we can birth and manifest the seeds we plant within this sacred temple.

Bring your Yoga Mats and several pillows and step into this Potent journey with ChristianeAnn and bask in the richness for several hours.

Love and Honor


Sara Lowe, Reiki Master and Healing Practitioner

Sara Lowe is a Reiki Master and Teacher who has been practicing Reiki for over 10 years and teaching for the past 7 years. She brings chakra balancing and crystal healing into her Reiki sessions as needed. Reiki is a light or no touch energy healing that is practiced with the receiver clothed. Reiki is focussed on the belief that each of us can rebalance and direct our own and other people’s life force energy to relax and heal.  Sara’s focus is on supporting you in directing your own divine energy to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Reiki has been effectively used to heal and to support other healing practices of those experiencing life events including loss, acquired disabilities, addiction recovery, stress, physical pain, cancer, HIV, broken bones and other injuries; and those embracing pregnancy and labor, transitions in life, supporting an elder in passing, working in caregiving careers and those acting as caregivers to loved ones. Sara is looking forward to providing introductory Reiki sessions at the Mother Lover Festival and is available to provide longer treatments in your home or garden as the weather gets warmer.  

Unity Mountain Herbs

Jonah Ruh Roberts is passionate about working with ceremony, song and plants and in co-creating community based on connection, honoring all life, integrating with nature and empowerment of self and others in finding and cultivating our unique gifts to bring greater richness and harmony to our world. Her tea company Unity Mountain Herbs is based at her medicinal herb garden in Unity NH and she offers teas, tinctures and custom blends from her apothecary of over 120 herbs.

Attunement Sessions with Ann Acheson

We “share” attunement; for in the sacred meeting place we establish together, divine mother comes through, increasing the radiance of healing presence. That which resonates at a lower frequency sloughs off. We remember our essential self once again. With this healing modality we work in the etheric body. We bring attention to the endocrine glands and their etheric qualities that enhance our lives as spirit beings. 

As with most expressions that are simple, Attunement is profound work that allows us to come home to ourselves.

Ann has been practicing in the healing arts for the past 25 years. She's a facilitator within an organization that supports women to step into their lives as leaders, called Coming Into Your Own. She is a holder of Grandmother Council, a native woman's ritual that accesses the grandmother wisdom.

For more about Ann:

Click logo to contact Tina about getting a massage!

Bio-Resonance of Sound & Healing

Ki Ferland- Has been “….Listening for the secret, searching for the sound…”

her whole life.  This lyric from Unbroken Chain, highlights Ki’s life journey in more ways than one.  Ki has always appreciated the resonance of music in its ability to touch our lives, bring people together, and heal.    Just as Ella Fitzgerald uses the powerful energy of her voice to break glass- sound has a powerful influence on any physical matter. 

 Recognizing this power of sound and its influence on well-being, Ki has utilized these frequencies to help others find the sounds they resonate with to help shift their own matter in a way that will open doorways for healing the mind, body, and spirit.  Keeping the body in balance- helps to eliminate dis-ease.  Bio resonance sets the tone for our lives- Ki uses intuitive skills and empathetic listening to help find the correct bio-resonance feedback that will best serve the nervous system at a particular place and time. 

Ki is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant.  She will be available for consults and will be demonstrating Bioresonance with the FDA approved Cyma 1000.  This can be a wonderful tool as part of a paradigm for supporting individualized health care.

Ki will also be featuring her art at the event.  She has made the beautifully stenciled backdrops for our healing art booths, and will be selling her photography and wool needle- felted creations.

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Terri offers many levels of healing in her practice. She believes that "Healing" takes place in the mind, heart, spirit and the soul -- so the energy healing work she does reaches for all these places. Blessed with many gifts, Terri will often intuitively sense where the pain/stress is within your body while doing her Reiki work. It is not unusual for healing angels, religious figures, and/or your deceased loved ones to "come" to help with your healing session. Terri has been taught by her Spirit Helpers that there are many degrees of “Healing”.  Sometimes healing is just acceptance of your life’s path, and sometimes it is a total release of your illness. She believes it's up to “GOD”, “The Great Spirit”, “Mohammad”, “Allah”, “Buddha”, or whomever you reference as your higher being -- and You -- to fulfill your unique journey here on this earthly plane.

Making Mamapreneurs: Women’s Empowerment Coaching
Lauren Noone - The WHY Hive

My passion is empowering women like myself to reach beyond just surviving - to a life of thriving. Here we dare to dream, are fed by growth and expansion, and desire to live purposefully in the world. We understand that health is our greatest asset and are committed to healing body, mind, and spirit, in ourselves and others. Together we share natural solutions based in Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 Element Philosophy, and in doing so build residual income for our future. If any of this resonates with your heart, perhaps you just found your tribe.
I will also be offering free 5 Elements consults and will have medicinal mushroom products available !
Come to Mother Lover and see Lauren and so many more wonderful practitioners, presenters and vendors!

Groundng Yoga 10:30-11:15

Offered by Magic Mamma Movement

 Charlotte McIntyre will lead you through a gentle yoga class where you will experience the connection between self and Mother Earth through breath, movement and meditation. Please bring a mat or blanket for the practice.

Magic Mamma Movement is all about mending the connection between self, body, earth and Great Spirit/God/Source using various tools to support whole health and well-being. At the Mother Lover Gathering, Charlotte McIntyre will offer an hour of gentle yoga with the intention of connecting first with the body then with Mother Earth through breath, movement and meditation.

Yoga is a remarkable way to start the day. Come experience the magical connection we all share and explore the depths of the self.  

After Grounding Yoga, visit Charlotte at her Intentional Charms Center where you can purchase handmade jewelry from earrings to essential oil diffusing bracelets and necklaces to meditation prayer beads (malas). Come learn about how to use mala beads to support your continued self-exploration and experience the energy of therapeutic-grade essential oils. Charlotte loves to connect, so stop by and say hello!

About Charlotte:

Charlotte completed her first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India in 2014. Since then, she has completed numerous trainings including another 200-Hour training at Kripalu School of Yoga, and has received a certificate in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and Yin Yoga. It is her passion to share this transformative practice with as many people as possible.

Rock & Mineral Discussion- 

Learn more about the minerals right here in our region...Beryl Mountain!


Author& Edutainer* Jim Pecora is an amateur Geologist, rock enthusiast, Photographer, Mining Historian, Native American historian, Artist, Writer, & Lecturer.  Pecora has authored a dozen full length multimedia lectures. These, offered throughout New England, are based upon “Forgotten/Unknown History! Jim’s Passion springs from a lifetime of collected anecdotes, stories, published works and extensive field research. To many, both young & old, Jim is often known as “the NH Rock Guy” due to his love of all things “rock” in the Granite State of NH. One of Jim’s favorite quotes is:

Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are"

Jim will also have his rock art for sale...stop by his booth to learn more or view his art!

Kids can stop by the Mica Play Place to make some rock art of their own!

Come Join the Village Drum Circle

11:15-12 noon

Julie A. Corey
Drum Circle Facilitator
The Village Drum, LLC
Sunapee, NH

Julie has been a professional Drum Circle Facilitator, Teacher, and Performing Musician since 1998.

   She has shared her love of drumming with people of all ages and abilities,

 from pre-schools to Senior centers, college groups and cancer survivors. 

Julie is trained as a Remo Health Rhythms Facilitator, and is also one of a handful of women around the globe, endorsed as a Remo Drum Circle Facilitator. 

She has served on the Board of Directors of the International Drum Circle Facilitator’s Guild (DCFG.) 

She is the keeper of a 3ft Mother Drum, and often facilitates Ceremonial drumming and dance events.

Julie is passionate about the drum as a powerful and necessary tool for the weaving of harmonious communities on local, regional and global levels.

Julie’s best-selling first cd titled, “How to Play the Djembe Level 1 for Beginners,” a home tutorial CD of 97 tracks of drumming bliss, is available from Julie directly via email or phone.

Contact Julie online at, or                            by phone at 603 557 1001.   

Book Signing w/ Carla Mora

Carla Mora, Author of “hype: an Ayahuasca Journey” will be on hand with copies of the recently published book. It is a journal that Carla wrote to her beloved, who has since passed after his own journey with cancer. The journal tells of a shamanic cleanse retreat in Peru that Carla took after having surgery.  She shares her adventure and how it changed her life which led her to change paths in life and become more of service to others and Mother Earth.  

Permaculture Design 11:30-12:30

w/ Marty Castriotta

Marty Castriotta grew his first potato when he was 12 year old on a worn out piece of ground behind his parents’ house. (Literally, one potato.) He’s been attracted to the idea of growing food and building soil ever since. He started growing seriously in 2001 with his wife and fellow rogue gardener,  Ellen Denny.  He worked and interned on several organic farms prior to moving to the Orchard Hill Community, in East Alstead, NH  in 2004, where they started first Village Roots CSA, then Village Roots Permaculture.  His passion is in integrating all aspects of the farm; the gardens, animals, buildings, water systems and so on. Marty has been raising heritage farm animals since 2003, and is focused on building soil through careful management of grassland ecosystems using grazing animal rotations as his primary design strategy.  Marty holds a BS in Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MS in Environmental Studies from Antioch New England Graduate School and is a certified Permaculture Designer.  He has shared his passion for permaculture as a design strategy with students young and old, from Antioch, Keene State, Keene High School, Colby Sawyer College, The Orchard School and through many classes and workshops throughout the Monadnock Region.  

Ear Acupressure for Self- Care

12:30- 1:00

w/ Wendy Bolognesi

 Wendy S. Bolognesi of Hardwick, MA Will share Acupressure Techniques that empower you to heal yourself.
Northern New England's leading installer of solar energy solutions. Certified B Corp with over 5,000 installed systems in Maine, New Hampshire, VT & MA
Ian will be here representing ReVision to answer any solar related questions you may have!
We just started working with these folks- they are great!

WEAVING Demonstration

w/ Shana Frank

Inkle loom Weaving - Hands-on demonstrations. Learn to weave in minutes! Colorful bookmarks & handwoven key chains for sale.

Shana Frank teaches weaving and exhibits her work at festivals, farmers markets, and schools. Over the years, she has taught hundreds of people how to weave projects from start to finish. Shana offers lessons for small groups of friends, ages 9 and up.

Shana Frank
Inkle Loom Weaving
PO Box 89
Putney, VT  05346


w/ Garrison Buxton of ADHOCART

Click logo to see his activism at its finest! 

Click the pic to go see his other projects!  

Lunch Discussion 12-1pm

Monadnock Time Exchange

Katy Locke, Executive Director of the Monadnock Time Exchange (MTX) will offer her vision of the relevance of time banking in the 21st century and her insights about its opportunities and challenges. This luncheon discussion will explore the five core values at the heart of MTX and how they are playing out in the early evolution of this community initiative.

Food & Craft Vendors....

A healing session or some custom art would make a nice mothers day gift!

Many of the healing arts practitioners will have products & sessions for sale...

Other products you can look for at the event from local artisans....

Field Grown Pansies

Long time Unity local- Jenny Wright will have her hardy field grown pansies for sale! 

You can also join Jenny at 10:30 (after opening ceremony) for an earth song community sing along. 

Jenny will also be making bird kites as part of the kids activities from 11:30- 1pm. 

Hand Blown Glass Pieces

Dave here of DBL Heady Glass. I'm a southern NH glass blower of 12 years now living in VT. 
I'm fond of the dripping effect that can be achieved using glass. I did a bunch of glass dripping honey comb pendants and such last year. 

Recently this past spring after hearing a story from my girl about the boss dropping a BUNCH of eggs at her farm job... 
"there were eggs dripping everywhere"-Sarah
"Eggs? Dripping??"-Dave *CLICK* That's whats started my glass egg dripping venture.

Dripping egg pendants, eggs on vessels, eggs dripping down vessels. I drip eggs :)
I make all sorts of glass pieces, just ask me.
-and all sorts of glass jewelry  

I'm also known to make sculpted Steal Your Face pendants.

DBL Heady Glass on Facebook
@dlewisglassart on Instagram

Gift Cards

Handmade cards from Nature

Handmade  natural collage art!

An unique card that celebrates the earth!

Photography & Felted Wool Crafts

Felted Wool Art & Photography by Ki Ferland

Reggae got you feeling dready?   Ask her about her beautiful felted dread works!

Click logo to see her delicious authentic Jamaican Food Menu!


One of a kind ceramic pottery hand-thrown and fired by me, Kristin Lemieux, in the pretty mountains of New Hampshire. Find me on etsy - or click on pic to check out face book page.
(Along with her beautiful line of fine can also find a gift that resonates with your more activist side!  )

Kristen will also have her potters wheel at the event to demo and let folks try!

Bees & Bee Products

Queen Bees

for Sale!

Also, Honey, Wax & Candles

Original Artwork

Sarah's Art!

Stop by and see all of the original art Sarah will have on hand!  Many sizes and affordable prices!

Walking Sticks, Stones & Herbs

Down to Earth

Walking Sticks, Stones and Chaga....

Be sure to check-out the kids vending area!

Common Vision Café

We will be serving organic/ fair-trade coffee, tea, chai,   cold-brew coffee, iced tea and lemonade.

There will also be  homemade baked goods, snacks and dessert items .

We will have our farm raised poultry on the grill and vegetarian and vegan options as salads & sides!

Raffle Items - Help Support the Yurt Fundraiser

Ticket Pre-Sale or Purchase at Event ...

$10.00 ticket

win a Djembe Drum from the Village Drum.

Claremont Spice & Dry Goods Store

12 Tremont St. Claremont NH

  $10.00 Gift Certificate:


$ 25.00

Gift Certificate to use at any of their stores: Hanover, Lebanon & WRJ

(Great homeschooling science materials!)

$5.00 Ticket to win 4 passes to the Children's Museum in Keene

The Vault Gallery Springfield VT

 $ 15.00 Gift Certificate   

To attend one of their Art Workshops

The Historic Windsor Train Station in Windsor, VT offers CRAFT BEER, FARM-TO-BAR and FRESH VT FOOD to our patrons. AMTRAK TRAIN arrives daily at 11:30 am and 6:30 pm. Delight in this whimsical setting and enjoy our delicious offerings.

Kids Programs

If parents and/or kids would like to volunteer to create the activities  join our Hanging with our Gnomies group!

Hangin’ With My Gnomies

Looking for kids & parents to help  volunteer to create kids activities for the Mother Lover Event!

Hangin’ with my Gnomies is a kids program created to help get kids involved in designing & running interactive art/ nature programs.  Last years’ group at Funk N Pumpkin was sooo fun- We’d like to do it again!

We will meet as a group 4 times prior to the Spring Gathering- Mother Lover, to design, build, and implement our vision for the day!  This year the theme ideas so far are:

Herbs & Fairies in Enchanted Forest

Permaculture for kids

Art & Mothers Day Gift Making

We will do some team building games, a brainstorming session, then hit the trail – or art studio, to begin bringing our ideas to life.  If any of these ideas seem like fun to you or if you have another idea to share please sign up! 

Dates: April 22, April 29, May 7, May 12 & Event May 13

Please Pre-Register by April 15!        603-558-4142

Kids Activity Schedule

10-12 Kids are welcome to join opening ceremony, earth songs and drumming....


10:30-12 The Lower Garden Area: Permaculture for Kids- Make Seed Balls, Vermiculture (Worm Boxes), Paper Making & Seed Mosaics

12-1 Front Lawn/ Stage Area: Bird Kites , Karate Demo and Magic Tricks 

1-3 Enchanted Forest: Making Mothers Days Gifts & Mica Table Art

3-5 Cordwood Studio: Face Painting, Paint Garden Rocks & Create Earth Flags

1-5 Sandbox:  Screen Printing and Tie Dye

Learn to make these beautiful & delicate bird kites out of tissue paper and sticks....they fly along beside you as you walk!  May be challenging for young kids to make...they will need some adult assistance! 

What kid doesn't like to make mud balls!?

These mud balls will be full of seeds &  plant flowers when they are thrown ...a " guerilla gardening" technique used to replant areas where natural flora has been destroyed.


 Heirloom Seeds, Riddim Vigil & VT Shakedown

Click on their pics to check out their sound!

Heirloom Seeds is an original Southern Vermont and Boston Massachusetts based Roots Reggae band. They range from an acoustic trio to a thirteen piece orchestra as featured on their premiere album "Kebra". Heirloom Seeds are also known for their work as a backing band for artists such as Lady Lee (Barbados), Kirsty Rock (Easy Star Allstars/Trumystic), Ras Takura (Jamaica), and King I Sankofa (Trinidad). Their sound stays true to the old school regal drum and bass with a spirited 'back to the land' homespun message.
Organic seed saving and biodynamic farming practices are thematic to the Heirloom Seeds lyrical mission. Lead singer Daniel Anbessa brings a powerful message calling for localized sustainable living practices over commercial GMO pesticide contamination and fossil fuel reliance. In this hands on role Heirloom Seeds has secured herself a vital place in the ever growing 'conscious reggae' movement.
For the Earth and Mothers Day Celebration, Dan will be accompanied by members of VT Shakedown.
Heirloom Seeds' first album 'Kebra' released in 2015 was self produced and mastered by Igrade Records in St Croix VI. The title track 'Kebra' or 'Glorify' in the ancient Geez language of Ethiopia is characteristic of Heirloom Seeds deep spiritual content.
For all booking, sales, and outreach please contact Ras Daniel Anbessa at or (802)-258-0139.

Riddim Vigil

Since July of 2013, Riddim Vigil is a regional reggae band from Vermont comprised of members from various backdrops of rock, ska, and jazz. We are united in love and respect for original roots reggae music, the early vibe, the message, the passion. Our songs recount the daily struggles of love, faith, and identity, rooted in culture but transformed by the Most High! Let's keep reggae music true so our hearts and feet can keep dancing to the reggae beat! 


Come listen/dance/ponder over the lyrically socially conscious, horn infused, Funky Afrobeat sounds of VT Shakedown! A six piece band with bass, guitar, keys, drums, trumpet, sax and vocals, VT Shakedown draws their inspiration from the Afrobeat, funk and West African traditions: a tight rhythm section interacting with rippin' horn solos, polyrhythms laced among vocals, and groovy repeating bass and guitar lines underneath funked up drums.

VT Shakedown's main inspiration is Fela Kuti, the "King of Afrobeat" from Lagos, Nigeria. With Fela and funk in mind, VT Shakedown composes tunes that comment on our society, such as "Oil Consumption Disorder" and "Complacency is the Enemy." The groove is crucial, as well as the fact that despite the struggles in the world, a sense of joy and hope is essential.

Get ready to feel the vibe, let it down and shake with the bliss!

For bookings, contact Jay @ 802-275-7307,, or through Facebook: www.facebook/vtshakedown.

"VT Shakedown" equals: (spacing is weird here)
Anders Burrows (trumpet and vocals - of Aura Shards fame), Evan Lincoln (Flabberghaster guitar dude)
Jim Heffron (bari and tenor - funk/jazz meister)
Josh Francis (drums - funk, world, electronic groove)
Jay Cook (vocals, keys - of Jazzberry Jam & World Way), Elliott New (bass, also of Flabberghaster)

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