Workshops: Progressive & Traditional Art/ Creative Living Classes

Open to all life-long learners!

2018 Fall Class Schedule Coming Soon!!

Field Studies with Dawn Dextraze of Sullivan County Conservation District

2018 Field Studies Series 


Do you want to learn how to explore and investigate the natural world like a scientist?     This 6 week series will help you learn what scientists do by participating in field studies and creating your own field study. We will use scientific practices to study things like spider webs, lichen, pond critters, and butterflies. It is amazing how much there is to discover and learn outdoors when you know how to observe, question, investigate and reflect. Dawn Dextraze, Sullivan County Natural Resources Education and Outreach Specialist will be leading this series.

Who: Ages 8 and up

When: Tuesday afternoons from 1 – 3pm starting Sept. 4 and ending Oct 16. There will be no class on Sept. 25th . Please be on time!

Where: Sullivan County Complex, County Farm Rd. Unity, NH - Eco Ag Center (Gardens), Marshall Pond Trailhead, and Ahern Building - see schedule for meeting location each week.

Cost: $40.00 Members / $50.00 Non Members

How to be prepared: Make sure to be prepared for the weather (rain jackets, boots, bug spray, sunscreen, hat, etc). It is a good idea to wear pants, closed-toe shoes (sneakers are fine) and bring a long sleeved shirt and plenty of water. Also, please bring a blank journal (a composition book is fine) in a Ziploc bag with a pencil and your sense of wonder. All other supplies will be provided.

Registration Required: Contact Billie Lambdin, Common Vision CSAA, We will accept new students until Sept. 28th.

Series Outline

Class 1 – The art of observation and questioning - Eco Ag Center

Class 2 – What Scientists Do and Investigating a New Species - Eco Ag Center

Class 3 – Testable Questions and Spider Web Explorations - Eco Ag Center

Class 4 – Create your own field study - Eco Ag Center

Class 5 – Update on field studies and Pond Health Survey - Marshall Pond Trailhead

Class 6 – Share learnings from your own field study & Celebrate! - Ahern Building

Sewing for a re-purpose!

Re-purpose Grain Bags Into Usable Totes with Sarah May 



Cost : $30.00 CSArt Members 

$35.00 Non-Members

If you own animals, whether they're chickens, dogs, goats, etc, you may have noticed the relatively recent transition in feed bags from paper to plastic. While they're better for the company due to less damage and loss, they're worse for the environment. No longer can these bags be recycled, composted, or burned. The plastic versions are now headed straight to the landfill because there are no local transfer stations that are equipped... to properly recycle these bags. However, this makes them GREAT candidates for repurposing!

Let's turn those empty feed bags into durable shopping totes!

Please bring with you:
Scissors suitable for cutting woven plastic (Some will be available)

A sewing machine you're comfortable using (some will be provided on a first come first served basis)

Medium Weight Woven Needles (some will be available for use)

A clean bag with imagery of your choice (optional)
Polyester Thread to go with bag (optional)

What will be provided:
Clean feed bags of assorted images to choose from (one per person for class, extras will be available for sale/trade after class)

Handle options

Polyester thread of assorted colors

Bring a snack to share : ) Coffee & Tea will be provided!

Sewing Class Payment
Class Fee

Hand-Craft Evening of Beading

Beading with Join us 1x a week for an evening of Beading! 

 All levels welcome. 

Creative Writing : Write Out Loud
w/ Charity Houghton

Write Out Loud:A Creative Writing Workshop for All Writing Voices

Invite spring with your creative voice. All writers and beings curious about creative writing
warmly welcomed. We will explore our writing voices through a myriad of prompts and mindfulness exercises, while co-creating a safe and delightful space for sharing and encouraging.
Whether you’re a published writer or someone who wants to meet the writer’s soul within for the first time, you have a voice. Come write out loud!

Bring a journal, a few pens/pencils, anything portable that feels sacred and inspiring, and
most importantly your voice.

6-Week Series —
Cost: $1o0.00 CSArt Members
$125.00 N...on-Members (Including some use of creative materials)
Ask about bartering options that can be used to partially off-set cost.

*Payment in full reserves your place.

About Your Fearless Facilitator: Charity M. Houghton is a freelance writer for publications

such as Monadnock Table, a singer-songwriter and poet, and a long-time writing instructor. As

a writing instructor, Charity combines the wisdom of creative greats such as Anne Lamott and

Albert Flynn DeSilver with her own experience in the writing life and as a mindfulness

practitioner. As a song circle leader, Charity is excited to inspire and feel inspired! Most of all,

Charity brings a deep passion for creating a warm and inviting place for creative souls to come

together and let their voices be heard.

Spring Cleanse Program

is the time of the Liver....A great time to cleanse!

Come join us for this comprehensive 6 week series that will help you reach your optimal health. Each week a Healing Arts Practitioner will be presenting their modslity that will support you in your personal cleansing experience.

* Nutritionalist * Breath work

* Herbalist * Massage

* Energy work * Yoga

* Practical Techniques & Strategies                                                            to support cleansing experience!

Whether you have been cleansing for years or this is your first time...we welcome you to come share this in experience with the camaraderie and support of others who are on the same journey! We will not be telling you how to cleanse- trust your own intuition or speak with your health care professional to choose the best approach for you....We will be offering many techniques that will complement whatever method you choose. We will have many healing arts professional coming to share their experience and knowledge with you to help you along the cleansing process. Our goal is gentle self-care, that will help restoring balance in mind, body and spirit .

If you are unable to commit to the entire 6 week series, you may choose to attend the individual days that best suit your needs.

When: Spring 201   Dates TBA

Daily Schedule:

9:30am Opening Circle/ Check-in with the group

9:30-10:30am- Guided Meditation/Grounding Activity with presenter

10:30-12pm – Practical informational session of the weeks topic

12-1pm A healthy cleansing food share- Potluck of fresh, raw fruits/veggies/ smoothies, A great way to share healthy food ideas, cleansing food treats/teas, and recipes.

1-2pm Activity- Practicum: Making preparations, doing an activity or exercise that could be repeated at home. This could include healing face masks, cod liver packs/ soaks, making herbal preparations, learning breathing techniques, self- massage, mantras, etc.

2-3pm – Closing Circle. Questions & Support time. Making goals and plans for the following week.

Cost : Full 36 hr. Series

Members: $200.00 Non-Members: $250.00

Individual Sessions $50.00

See website for full session descriptions and practitioner bios....Coming Soon!

Please RSVP quickly as space is limited! or 603-558-4142

Find Your Groove... Jam Instructions

Improvisational Groove Sessions 

Start Date TBA

1st and 3rd Thursdays 4-6pm **Suggested donation of $10-25-

Jam Instruction:

Learn to improvise musically! There is nothing more pure or innocent than a musical conversation. All voices will be heard!

Bring the instrument of your choosing and an open mind…. Learn how to blend sounds to create a dynamic Jam.

 1st & 3rd Thurs. of month: 6-8pm 

Cost: CSArt Members: $15.00 Non-Members. $20.00

STEM: "Fire Away Challenge"   
with Dr. Marjorie Erickson

STEM: “Fire Away” Challenge- Catapults, Trebuchets and Cannons…Oh My! : Marjorie Erickson

“Dr. Erickson has a great interest in introducing and making engineering principles accessible and comfortable to young people. She has taught engineering and science challenge classes in elementary schools including spaghetti towers, egg-drop challenge and rockets. In this class she will she will introduce the engineering behind Punkin Chunkin and challenge students to create machines that will fire objects to meet distance and accuracy objectives.”

Cost: $40.00 Members/ $50.00 Non-Members

Yoga in the Yurt!

Instructor: Lori Fletcher 

Yoga is a journey within… a discovery of the space where stillness abides. Through movement and breath and meditation we create an openness, an allowance, to what is.

Lori's Bio:
I practice and teach Hatha Yoga. I strive to find balance of mind, body and soul within each class through yoga poses or asanas, breath work or pranayama, chanting or mantra, symbolic gestures or mudras and meditation. I also incorporate Qigong and sound vibration. Yoga inspires me to live more mindfully and it is from this place that I teach.

I am a registered Yoga teacher and a member of the Yoga Alliance since 2017. I have been practicing yoga for more than 30 years. I received my 200 hour certification from Angie Follensbee-Hall of Jai Studios in Weathersfield, Vermont. I taught most recently at the Centro de Bellas Atres in Vieques, Puerto Rico donating my time to help those recovering from hurricane Maria. This will be my first time teaching in a Yurt and I am Excited!!!


Class Fee
Class Fee

CSAg Cooking Class

CSAg Farm Dinner & Cooking Class with Local Chef Jake Fava

4th Tuesday of the month


Starts in June!


Cost: $30 Members/ $40 Non-Members


Pick-up some veggies and learn to cook unique recipes using farm fresh ingredients!

 ( CSA pick-up day!)  

Class Fee

Community Song Share   

Community Song Circle — A Monthly Gathering of Musical Souls

Bring your songs and tunes to share in this musical circle!
All voices and instruments welcome.
Share original music or music composed by others that’s been inspiring you. Each month, we will gather to share and listen deeply. When the mood strikes, singing/playing together might
arise as well. This is simply a place for all musical spirits to join and feel immersed in music each month. Where we go from there is a lovely mystery.

Last Sunday of the Month, 5:30 - 7:00 Beginning September 2018

Please contribute as generously as you’re able to keep make this gathering a success. 

Suggested monthly donation of $ 5-10

Additional donations or barters are gratefully accepted.

Vision Boards with Sarah Lowe

Creating a vision board is one of the most powerful ways to manifest the life and emotions you want to create in your world. When you take the time to internally visualize what you want to manifest and then create an external representation of that which you will manifest it provides you with an excellent tool to support manifestation. Clarifying goals and dreams and supplying an energy that creates momentum towards the future you will have. 
Join me in an afternoon of visualizing and creating a vision board to hang in your home. I will share the vision board I made 7 years ago that still hangs on my wall and which has helped every single image I chose to be a reality in my current life.  

PTA Meeting : Parents Talk Academics


I documented my entire college experience using a portfolio to illustrate my self-directed learning. I love the creative, individual style you can encompass in this format. This is currently how we document our home school learning – I would love to gather with other home school families to share experiences, ideas and techniques to do these…and have fun…so we want to do them! 

: )

Create a Home school Portfolio
Talk with other home schooling families
Share Ideas & Get Artsy
Realize That Your Not Crazy!
Or- At Least That Your Not Alone!

Resuming in the Fall- Dates TBA

Ladies Groove

Come Get Down, Hang Out, Rise Up, Throw Down, Laugh Out Loud… or just sit and sip some tea- or wine! 

Ladies Social/ Dance Party!!
Bring some music to share- Inspirational, makes you want to laugh, cry or just get funky and dance!

Dates TBA

"Thanks for the Inspiration"

           Soap Making 

In this you'll learn the skills and techniques to begin making soap at home!  You'll be given a step by step guide to help build confidence in your newly learned skill with all the key information and safety precautions to be sure your efforts are a success.  We'll be making a batch of Cold Process Soap and you'll bring home a sample. 

A materials fee of $10 is required.

There will be a soap making kit available to purchase so you can begin right away while the information from the Workshop is still fresh in your mind. 

Date: TBA

25.00 Non-members
15.00 Members
+ 10.00 Materials Fee

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