CSArt Membership Options:

Full Membership: $100.00 Yearly Fee /$150.00 Family Membership

Priority for class registration.

$10.00 Class Fee

10% off 1/2 and full day classes

10% off CSAg Share

Working Membership: No Yearly Fee

Priority for class registration

$10.00 Class Fee

10% off 1/2 and full day

10% off CSAg share

Possible Work Trade Options....

Teach a Class

Farm Projects

Contribute an "Add-On" Ag Product

Non-Member- $25.00 class fee (2 hour workshops)

                       $50.00 half day

                       $100.00 full day

Supporting Donor - Love what we're doing but your not in able to attend on a regular basis- Attend special events and gatherings when your able!  We'll Keep you posted of upcoming events.

*There may be an additional charge for an included meal option- This will be shown on class registration.

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