Year- Round CSA     Share Value: $60.00   

                        Pick-Up  Once a Month.

Base Package: ($20.00)

* 1 Handmade Soap

* 1 Herbal Tincture

* 2 Dozen Eggs

Seasonal Items: ($40.00)

January- 2 lb Sausage, 1.5lb Bacon & I CSArt class

February- 1 Chicken & I CSArt Class

March- 1/2 Gallon Maple Syrup & 2 Tickets to Cabin Fever Reliever or a "stay at home meal! "

April:- 1/2 Gallon Syrup, Salad Greens, Kombucha & Spring Tonic

May- Seedlings & Greens

June- Strawberries, Seedlings, Peas

July- Veggies!!

August- Veggies & Blueberries

September- Veggies & Apples/ Cider

October- Veggies/ Pumpkins

November- Harvest Dinner Share ( See Below...Menu ideas/ recipes included)

December- Pork & Applesauce - Free tickets to ' Elf Night '

Seedlings will be Available in May!


Basil, Parsley, Thyme, Oregano, Dill, Cilantro, Marigold, Milk Thistle, Marshmallow, Elcampane, Comfrey, Calendula,  Horehound, Snapdragons, Tomato, Cucumber, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Red Cabbage, ...More to Come!


$2.00 Singles

$5.00 6 Packs

$10.00 12 Packs (Combos- 3 of each plant )

$5.00 Peat Pot (5+ plants)

PYO Flowers....25 Cents a "Peace"

All proceeds go to a cause for Peace!

Worms and worm castings by special order.

1 X November CSAg Share ... A Harvest Meal

2 kinds of squash


Gallon Cider

Root Veggie Medley

Apple Crisp

Sweet Potato Rolls -12

RSVP by Nov. 20

* Cooperative* *Creative Space *

*Time Share *

Creative Spaces for Rent....Great for educators, healing practitioners, and community groups to have space to gather. 

Anyone interested in a "Creators Space"?

Studio is open to rent for short term projects or long term use as a creative getaway!

Yurt tis also now available to rent as a workshop space!  Drumming, healing arts, singing, writing groups ...Lots of possibilities! 

Rent these spaces for the day, 1/2 day or 2 hr sessions for classes.  

Weekend retreat rentals and longer term internships are also a possibility.

On-site catering available for 1/2 and full day options-  Promoting fresh, local and sustain-ably raised ingredients.  All dietary needs can be met with some advance notice.  

Please contact us for more information!

Family Cow Coop

Raw, grass fed, organically raised milk without the work of keeping the cow!

The cost of purchasing and feeding a cow is prohibitive for one family but very affordable for a few families together!

We are proposing a “Cow Coop” where several families join together to buy a cow and cover the cost of keeping her.  Each family will get an equal share of the milk which could be made into butter or cheese as desired.  Our family will house the cow and do all milking and related chores including butter or cheese making.

Sound interesting?

Please contact Laura & Matyas Mezei at Circle of Pines Forest Farm in Unity

603-558-5745.  We’ll set up a meeting of all interested families to iron out the details.

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