What is Common Vision?

We are a Homesteading/Homeschooling family that believes in nourishing our minds, bodies and soul with good food, good art and good people!  Common Vision is a wholistic approach to all aspects of our lives.  How we eat, how we learn and how we interact with our world is all interrelated.  We practice sustainable agriculture and want to support and facilitate connections in our community that foster a common vision of healthy living- mind body and spirit.


                             ....You can't eat art,.but it feeds you!    - Bread and Puppet Theater

Providing healthy food, opportunities for self-directed learning, creative outlets and connections with the natural world are how we facilitate this vision. 

What do we offer?

* Community Supported Agriculture/Art  (CSA/A)

Participate as a member by purchasing a share in either our agriculture/ art programs.

* Homeschool Activities and Gatherings (Weekly- Thursdays 10-2

* Seasonal Gatherings and Events

Check-out Bread and Puppets art- Performances in the summer- Art is available in the museum or on line.

Simple & Profound- Thank You B&P!