Workshops: Progressive & Traditional Art/ Creative Living Classes

Open to all life-long learners!

Abstract Painting Class

w/ Heidi Zoesch

Introduction to Abstract Painting with Heidi

Abstract Painting: An introduction to painting abstractly for aspiring artists of all levels. In the fine art world, abstraction is highly respected as a means of self-expression and non-conventional thinking. It is here that we bend rules, honor the mysterious and become more focused on the process than the outcome. Through the use of color, form and arrangement (composition), we communicate feelings, create mood and follow our intuitive gut feelings. This can very often produce beautiful artwork, as well as promote personal fulfillment, freedom, and even joy.

All ages ~ children and adults.

Please pre- register to reserve your spot by Dec. 2

Cost: $35.00 Members / $45.00 Non-Members

Heidi Zoesch is a fine art painter in Southern Vermont, currently focused on Abstract Expressionism and Narrative Surrealism. Her most current body of work consists of several abstract oil paintings inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Other work includes the in-progress development of expressive, narrative paintings to accompany original poetry and lyrical prose.

Heidi has illustrated two children’s books, and her work has been shown at various venues over the past several years in Vermont, New York, New Hampshire and California. In addition to earning a Master of Arts degree from the Savannah College of Art & Design, Heidi also studied post-graduate fine art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, as well as design, illustration, literature and psychology.

After experimenting with many mediums and techniques for over twenty-five years, Heidi has developed a unique and expressive personal style which reflects her love of nature and her curiosity for life and the human experience.

Intro to Woodworking

Intro to Woodworking with Nick Gregory at

His Studio in Westminster VT

Nick handcrafts fine furniture and custom guitars.  His high energy and passion for what he does will be sure to captivate kids as he gives an intro to woodworking that is skill based with the goal of a finish project.

Ages 11+

Mondays 10-12

October 16- Nov 20

Cost: $160.00 Members for the 6 weeks series

          $175.00 Non-Members

Room for 6 kids- Pre- registration is required.

Week 1- Brief Intro to the history of woodworking, tools & technique.

Week 2- Hand tools and their uses. How to sharpen, proper care and maintenance.

Week 3- Applied technique of tools from week 2.

Week 4- Machine tool overview.

Week 5 & 6- Working on a finished project- Box with a lid.

Elf Night: A Holiday Tradition of Crafting & Gift Making

Dec. 3 Front Porch Session: Elf Night - Happy Holidaze!!

Activities: ( 2-6pm) Drop-in and create with community!

* Waldorf inspired Paper Fairy Houses

* Candy Cane Ornaments

* Stringing popcorn or acorns for garland

* Make a wreath or hemlock swag

* Potato Print : Make holiday cards or wrapping paper

                                                            * Woodland gnomes & fairies                                                                      from nature

                                                           * Felting small ornaments or gifts

Abstract Painting Class w/ Heidi Zoesch 4-6pm

In Cordwood Studio ( Register Separately)

$35.00 CSA/Art Members/ $45.00 Non-Members

Potluck Dinner, Hot Chocolate Buffet and a Campfire to follow!

Looking for muscians who want to play a set at the Front Porch Sessions! Give a call if interested!

Kids Holiday movie will also be offered in the evening....8pm!

Please pre-register for both events (elf crafting or abstract painting) so we can plan accordingly for activities : )

Vision Boards

Creating a vision board is one of the most powerful ways to manifest the life and emotions you want to create in your world. When you take the time to internally visualize what you want to manifest and then create an external representation of that which you will manifest it provides you with an excellent tool to support manifestation. Clarifying goals and dreams and supplying an energy that creates momentum towards the future you will have. 
Join me in an afternoon of visualizing and creating a vision board to hang in your home. I will share the vision board I made 7 years ago that still hangs on my wall and which has helped every single image I chose to be a reality in my current life.  

"Thanks for the Inspiration"

           Soap Making 

In this you'll learn the skills and techniques to begin making soap at home!  You'll be given a step by step guide to help build confidence in your newly learned skill with all the key information and safety precautions to be sure your efforts are a success.  We'll be making a batch of Cold Process Soap and you'll bring home a sample. 

A materials fee of $10 is required.

There will be a soap making kit available to purchase so you can begin right away while the information from the Workshop is still fresh in your mind. 

Date: TBA

25.00 Non-members
15.00 Members
+ 10.00 Materials Fee